Byssus, also known as sea gold

BYSSUS – Sea Gold in Sardinia

Byssus, also known as sea gold, has a legendary fame with ancient roots: the Bible refers to it as the cloth of King Solomon, of Queen Hecuba, as also recounted by Aristotle.

Every year, on the first moon of May, a woman would immerse herself in the sea to gather this gold and use it to make a yarn with which she would weave incredible fabrics. It sounds like a myth but it actually still happens in Italy today: this woman is called Chiara Vigo and she lives on the island of Sant’Antioco, the biggest of the islands of Sardinia, to the south west, around eighty kilometers from Cagliari.

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Venice - Mysterious itineraries

Mysterious itineraries. The wine trail between Venice and Leonardo da Vinci

Venice is a fascinating city, mainly because of the mysterious elements of its history, a history which remains mostly to be explored.

It is also possible to discover Venice by recovering its ancient vine varieties: this is what the project set up by the Consorzio Vini Venezia [Venice Wine Consortium] proposed to do in order to unearth the origins, provenance and characteristics of the ancient vines to be found on the Lagoon. The project will study their DNA, take samples and propagate them on order to create vineyards that will constitute a genetic bank of the varietals uncovered by the study.

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The Monasteries of Italy: silence, nature and genuine foods

Italy has many Monasteries set amidst stunning landscapes that harbor centuries of prayer, silence and meditation.

But there is also something else that characterizes these holy places: the industriousness of the people who live there, monks and nuns who work the land to produce genuine products.

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