Architectures of Light: Feast of Santa Domenica in Scorrano (Puglia, Salento)

Salento: a journey back in time starting with the magic of light

For the feast of Santa Domenica to Scorrano, a small village in Salento - Puglia, the architectures are made of lights!

Anyone who undertakes a tour of Italy is constantly offered the opportunity to admire the monuments and architectures of the past in the thousands of places that preserve the art and history of the Bel Paese.

However the spectacle that greets visitors to Scorrano, a small village in Salento, Puglia, leaves them speechless.  Because here the architectures are made of light, yet they are just as impressive and majestic as the greatest monuments.

Every year, in July, thousands of people travel to Scorrano for the feast of Santa Domenica.

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