Teatro del Fuoco: International Fire-Dancing Festival (Palermo-Sicily) - July 2016

The Teatro del Fuoco International Fire-dancing Festival returns to Palermo at the end of July!

According to Forbes magazine it is among the twelve coolest Festivals in the world. It was invented by journalist Amelia Bucalo Triglia, who suggests for our readers three places that are worth traveling to Sicily to visit…but only after they have witnessed the incredible spectacle of the Teatro del Fuoco!

“There is quite possibly no better way to truly connect with a foreign culture than to join in a local festival”  Ann Abel is convinced of this, she is a journalist on the authoritative US magazine, Forbes, which periodically draws up a chart of the richest people in the world and has named the Teatro del Fuoco ® International Fire-dancing Festival as one of the twelve coolest events in the world to which it is worth making a trip.  A trip to Sicily where, for eight years now, the Festival has been touring around the Aeolian Islands, Etna, Palermo, Catania and the Aegadian Islands.

This year, for the ninth edition, the Teatro del Fuoco will be in Palermo from 29 to 30 July.

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